This error was most commonly reported while using Windows Photos app that disabled the users to access a few files or apps. Disk Check can identify and automatically correct file system errors and make sure that you can continue to load and 0x80010135 write data from the hard disk. To run the CHKDSK utility directly from the properties dialog of the computer’s hard disk partition, do the following. The chkdsk utility is one of the really good tools to improve hard disk performance.

Once saved, they error logs will be cleared right away and there will be none listed under that particular category. Next, click on the Logged dropdown menu to select the duration for which you want to check the logs. But identifying all logs for one of these levels will take up a lot of your time. This is where filtering error logs comes to your aid.

  • Errors like MSI Mystic Light not working, Switch game card error and 0x80072f8f can be fixed by MiniTool Partition Wizard too.
  • Microsoft Photos is the free photo editor and viewer app that comes with your Windows 10/11 package.
  • You’ll find all available troubleshooters here, including internet connection, sound, Bluetooth, keyboard, Windows update, power, and many more.

You may be interested in how to customize the Registry Editor on Windows 11. Restart Windows in Safe Mode and check if the event ID pops up. Furthermore, event ID 1108 comes after a defective or compromised event. So, when logging parameters are not passed correctly to the logging service, it won’t be able to log the event, resulting in an error. Restarting the Windows Event Log service may fix the problem too. Note that modifying the registry often resolves the error. Event ID 1108 can occur due to incorrect security settings in the log directory.

Actually, it is also a free SSD migration tool that can help you upgrade HDD to SSD effortlessly. The hard drive’s system partition is damaged due to sudden power cuts, virus infection, or disk write error.

How to Fix the System Service Exception Stop Code in Windows 10

This tool tests the RPC Server and also queries the host port and gets a list of ports and the status of the ports. In addition, this tool will get a list of RPC Dynamic ports via the RPC mapper. A remote procedural call server is a network communication interface that provides remote connection and communication services to RPC clients. It enables remote users or RPC clients to execute commands and transfer data using RPC calls or over the RPC protocol. Now, open the Task Scheduler and check if this has solved the problem. If you are no more getting the error message, this means the Tree is corrupted. Now we have to find out which task is corrupted in it.

Fit partitions to entire disk will automatically adjust each partition size to occupy the whole disk space. Select the system disk as the drive you want to copy and then click Next. Luckily, MiniTool Partition Wizard is able to create a brand new master boot record allowing your computer to now boot normally. But, if no problem is found, you can go for the rest of the solutions with the help of MiniTool Partition Wizard Bootable CD. Enter BIOS and set PC to boot from the installation disc. In this article, we have learnt how to use fsck to check disk integrity in Linux. You will see the following screen that displays report of fsck progress.

Best Free Driver Updater Tools for Windows

Chkdsk /i – here’s another parameter that can speed up the scan of an NTFS formatted drive, which instructs Windows Check Disk to speed up the checking of the indexes on your hard drive. Chkdsk /r – if you wish to locate bad sectors on your hard drive and recover any information stored in it, you can run the chkdsk /r command. This will start the most basic type of scan without any conditions. If you wish to perform a more specific scan that you can incorporate with chkdsk, you can check out the list below. Check out the guide below to run chkdsk on Windows 10 using the command prompt window. This method also applies to other versions of Windows, like Windows 8 and lower.