Electric Hot Water

One of the most used and sometimes the most expensive appliances to run are hot water systems.
Choosing the right Electric Hot Water Systems for you and your family can sometimes be difficult due to the large range available.

Nature Coast Plumbing offers advice & a Complete Installation Service for Electric Hot Water Heaters.

  • Installing new electric hot water heaters
  • Removing, re positioning and replacing old systems
  • Adjusting or repairing water supply lines and plumbing connections

Our plumbers are qualified and trained to install and service electric hot water systems. The water in the storage tank is constantly heated by electricity so are not the most energy efficient.

Storage Unit

This is not the most energy efficient of hot water heaters.
Please note you may be eligible for a rebate if replacing your old electric storage unit with a heat pump or Solar hot water system.
The Federal Government is phasing out traditional electric element storage hot water systems as they use so much energy and produce a lot of greenhouse gas emissions.

Electric Hot Water System Replacement

Around 27% of electricity used in the average Australian household is for heating water, making hot water systems one of the highest single energy users and greenhouse gas contributors in the home.
Replacing an electric hot water system with a greenhouse efficient system is one of the most effective ways to save money on your energy bill. Most greenhouse efficient hot water systems generally have lower running costs than standard electric systems. Electric hot water systems are being phased out all over Australia