Free plumbing inspections

While our experts are at your premises, seize the opportunity to request a COMPLIMENTARY PLUMBING INSPECTION. This no-cost, no-obligation service includes a thorough plumbing evaluation of your property.

We’re equipped to evaluate your maintenance needs and can tailor a maintenance plan to suit your unique requirements. Regular maintenance not only ensures optimal operation and longevity of your plumbing systems but also enhances water efficiency and cost savings by averting unexpected repairs.

Explore our tips and hints page for insight into your plumbing’s fundamentals, how to troubleshoot failures, and interim measures to mitigate costs and inconvenience until professional help arrives.

Our inspection covers:

Drainage assessments for potential issues.

Guidance on locating your water meters.

Leak inspections for your hot water service.

Temperature and pressure relief valve checks for your hot water system.

Anode examinations in your hot water tank.

Detection of any leaks in taps, shower heads, and toilets.

Assessment of water pressure to your property and hot water system.


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