Hot Water Systems

Installations and Repairs
Nature Coast Plumbing provides quality advice on what hot water system will suit your needs and can install it in the quickest time leaving you with hassle free hot water.

We provide a complete hot water system service – we install, replace and reposition hot water heaters in both new and existing homes throughout Eurobodalla Shire from Batemans Bay to Bodalla.

Our team supply and install a wide range of hot water systems including solar, instantaneous LP gas, heat pumps and electric systems.

We will discuss the different options available to be sure that the heater you choose is the most efficient and suits your individual needs. 

There are four main types of hot water systems available

Solar Hot Water Systems Water is heated directly by the sun and stored in a tank for future use. These systems are energy and cost effective hot water heaters. Existing homes replacing electric systems should apply for the Solar Hot Water Systems Rebate.

Gas Hot Water Systems There are two types of Gas Hot Water Systems. Storage – water is heated constantly & Instantaneous with the water heated directly as needed. With no need for a storage tank instantaneous systems are more energy efficient.

Electric Hot Water Systems The water in the storage tank is constantly heated by electricity. This is not the most energy efficient of hot water heaters. Please note you may be eligible for a rebate if replacing your old electric storage unit with a heat pump or Solar hot water system.

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems Water in the storage tank is heated as the heat pump is used to pull heat from the air into the tank at a higher temperature. This type of hot water system operates best in warm climates.